I didn’t call.

Posted: December 15, 2010 in Everyone, Family

A little over a year ago. I worked at Target. I worked in the Backroom, basically in the ware house of a stock room. I only got a half hour lunch break. Which is normal now that I think of it. I always read a book, texted Anna, and ate my lunch in my car. Trying to relax as much as I could. A year and few days ago, I had a voicemail from my sister Tracy. She was upset, saying that my Christmas presents are going to be late. And that she really needs to talk to me. That I should call as soon as possible. I decided to text Anna instead.

I didn’t call.

Tracy was born with Spina Bifida. She was a paraplegic, spending her life in a wheelchair. She was the youngest of my 3 elder siblings. And I was close to her. She always smiled, whether she was telling a joke, or she was pissed at me trying to break my fingers. She always had a smile. She moved to Indianapolis a while ago, just to get out of NY. So I hadn’t see her much, except for major events. Like my high school graduation, my wedding. My grandmas, fathers, and mothers funerals. But I still spoke to her on a weekly basis, whether it be over the phone, or a random email.

I didn’t call.

A year ago today. She went to the ED for a migraine. She was admitted to the hospital. Went in for an MRI. And didn’t come back out.

I should have called.

RIP Tracy. We all miss and love you so much.

6092_115302158897_820608897_2232107_7099343_nFrom my wedding. In August ‘06. My wife, me, my brother and other sister. And Tracy.


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