Been a while

Posted: March 25, 2011 in Everyone, Family

Well, it has been. A while that is.

What has changed? well…

Anna got a new car! We bought her parents 2004 PT Cruiser, and then she got a new job! She is very happy with both. Then she got rear ended. Sitting in drive through on her way home a teenager hit her back bumper. Not much damage, but since he was a jerk about it. The cops got called, charges filed, and his insurance company is paying for it all to be fixed. They are also paying for her rental car. We had to harass them some, but they rolled over once we threatened to get our insurance company involved. When the accident occurred though, I think the kid was more scared of me then the cops, of course I got there 10 minutes before them (a recurring thing with Anna’s accidents).

No new car for me. I did get into Macedon Village Fire Department. I am very excited to be learning how to be a fire fighter, they are very excited to have an experienced medic on staff now! I did make the news, twice. First time while on duty in Geneva, a high-speed chase ended badly for one deputy, and I was on scene for his accident. He is fine, suspect (who ran over the deputies car with a logging truck) is not. He got tased twice and is looking forward to a long time behind bars. The second time it was because my ambulance caught on fire. Yes, I am fine. It happened on the way to Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, long story short there was an electrical fire, and everyone is fine. The patient didn’t even know what was going on.

I almost did get a new car. While on the way to work this last Sunday, I hit a deer. I was going maybe 55mph or 60mph, and a 200lb deer just appeared in front of me. Didn’t even have time to think, jut bam. Severe damage to my hood, and headlights. My HAM radio antenna on the trunk cut the tail off the deer, which I find hilarious. I called Anna, then work, then 911. When I called 911 I had to explain who I was, they wanted to send everyone to it that they could. Bad enough they sent a deputy 5 miles out of his territory to check one me. Yeah, Wayne County Emergency Management loves me that much! The car was with in a hundred dollars of being totaled I have been told. Kind of crazy that a deer can do that much damage! So, I am getting a rental for a little bit, as I have a weekend full of classes for work coming up, and no way to get to them!

  1. Kelly says:

    Zachary it had been too long, thanks for the updates! I am glad you and Anna are well despite the various excitements.

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