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Welcome to the World, Ganondorf! [Pic].



Posted: September 21, 2011 in EMS
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I now work the night shift. This will take some getting used to.

Luckily one of my hobbies is Astronomy.

There are many reasons I wanted to nights, some of them I can not say on here, but if you ask me personally I have no problem telling, certain people. The biggest reason is though, that I will be working the same hours as Anna does now.

I am looking forward to a different type of patient on nights. I expect more drunks, and less transfers. Transfers back to the residence or the nursing home don’t usually happen at night. I expect more drunks for obvious reasons. I think that emergency calls at night will be exactly that, an emergency call.

But, this all remains to be validated. As I have never worked a regular shift on nights in EMS before. Sure I worked nights at Lowes, McDonalds, and Corning. So the actual night/darkness thing I should be able to adapt readily to.

I have a different partner now, and with that comes different ways of doing certain things. But my new partner is experienced, just like the other one was, so I look forward to that. Different dispatchers and supervisors as well. I will leave that one alone, for obvious reasons! Winking smile

Everyone keeps asking me at work if I am ready for this. Yeah. I am. I just need a new flashlight…


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Ten years have passed.

Ten years ago today everything changed.

Ten years ago, at quarter of nine in the morning, I was in Chemistry class. Doing what every sixteen year guy was doing in class, checking out the girl in class wearing a shear shirt (I remember who it was, but will respect privacy.) She had come in after the period break, saying someone just flew a jet into the World Trade Center. My first thought  was “WTF is the world trade center?”, then I thought someone had flown a jet fighter into the building. I was wrong. We talked the teacher into letting us go down to the library instead of doing a lab, to watch the TVs down there. It was then that I saw the second jet fly into the other building. Everything changed. We watched as the towers fell.

I got home that day, after watching the news all day at school. No one was home but my Uncle Rick visiting from Mojave with his camper. First thing he said was “Fucking Ragheads are going to pay.” And we continued to watch the news.

Coincidently, it was also my first day, at my first job, working by myself in the kitchen of McDonalds. It was a slow night.

That day forever changed everything, how we fly, how we travel, how we view others everything. Friends and family started enlisting. I am proud of each and everyone of them. I lost one friend in Iraq, and another will never be the same after Afghanistan.

Now, now I put others before myself, doing what 343 firefighters and EMS professionals did on the infamous day. Ten years ago I never would haven even contemplated it.

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