Posted: September 21, 2011 in EMS
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I now work the night shift. This will take some getting used to.

Luckily one of my hobbies is Astronomy.

There are many reasons I wanted to nights, some of them I can not say on here, but if you ask me personally I have no problem telling, certain people. The biggest reason is though, that I will be working the same hours as Anna does now.

I am looking forward to a different type of patient on nights. I expect more drunks, and less transfers. Transfers back to the residence or the nursing home don’t usually happen at night. I expect more drunks for obvious reasons. I think that emergency calls at night will be exactly that, an emergency call.

But, this all remains to be validated. As I have never worked a regular shift on nights in EMS before. Sure I worked nights at Lowes, McDonalds, and Corning. So the actual night/darkness thing I should be able to adapt readily to.

I have a different partner now, and with that comes different ways of doing certain things. But my new partner is experienced, just like the other one was, so I look forward to that. Different dispatchers and supervisors as well. I will leave that one alone, for obvious reasons! Winking smile

Everyone keeps asking me at work if I am ready for this. Yeah. I am. I just need a new flashlight…


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