Politics… in EMS?

Posted: November 6, 2011 in EMS

As a rule of thumb, especially at work, I do not discuss politics or religion.

But as of late, politics and work have been butting heads, not as in the presidential campaign, or even local campaigns, no, politics with in the EMS community.

I will not mention any names of any companies, so I can keep my job! Open-mouthed smile

As of late, there have been some exchanging of contracts in the local EMS providers where I am. And it is making waves, some of the competitors have even taken to bad mouthing others on public forums such as Facebook, I try to avoid this(see above line).

I understand politics in business, I have worked enough Fortune 500 companies to understand why and how it works.

But when it comes to EMS it is ridiculous. When one company will sit and watch, or drive by, a patient who just called 911, because it is not in their contract, infuriates me. Some workers will do this, granted they are the older generation, stuck in their ways I suppose. But does that make it right?

As the companies bicker over territories, and contracts, it is the patients who will get hurt in the end. Literally.

I understand that companies need to make money, but at whose expense? Usually mine actually, sadly. As it is the medics on the road who have deal with it face to face on a daily basis.

But as I said before, the patients will feel it as well, when company A is posted in company B territory, so they can fulfill their contract with business X, and a call goes out that A is closer to then B, thanks to B already out fulfilling their obligation with business Y, why should the patient have to wait for company B to respond, especially when A is maybe a block away? Sometimes even calling in company C for the call, just because company B doesn’t like company A. Who suffers in the end there?

I realize some of this may start with the people in the dispatch office when it comes to choosing what company goes where, but that is a problem as well, and needs to be worked on. If company B calls company C for the call, the dispatcher should advise them that company A is right there!

As for politics within the company, that has been going on ever since the first company started, and I chose not to comment on that in a public forum such as this for obvious reasons, lets just say, that, for now, I will not be participating in this. But when I do decide I am tired of actually working for my raises and promotions, instead of brown-nosing and such, the game will be a foot!


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