Decided to start a blog and see what happens. Not making any promises as to how often I will be posting. My grammar WILL not be perfect, you don’t like it? Then don’t read it! What will I post about? Things I am passionate about, such as EMS, Geocaching, and whatever hobby I am doing at the current time!

I have a great family, and am married to the love of my life, Anna.

Christmas 2010

I am an EMT-B. Want to know what company I work for? Email me as I do not want it on the web, in the open.

I live in Macedon, NY. Working in Ontario County and Wayne County. Originally from Corning, NY. Started my EMS career in Bath, NY. Where I still vollie.

Hobbies? yeah I got them! HAM radio, RC everything, Geocaching, Volunteer EMS (and fire soon), Fishing, Hunting, Guitar, Video Games; especially first person shooters, and more that I will add as they come up. Expect this blog to be a mix of them all. And expect to hear random stories of something that Anna and I did. As this blog is for family as well(your welcome sis!)

  1. Kelly says:

    Great idea Zach! I look forward to reading your tales of heroism and glory. And the mundane stuff too…

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