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Concealed-Carry Myths | Shooting Illustrated.

This is a great link on concealed carry. Makes one think as to whether or not they should have a CC permit or not.



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We Love Ramen Infographic
Created by: Hack College


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CBS Los Angeles

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LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Two LAPD officers are being hailed as heroes for helping rescue a 90-year-old woman Sunday morning from a house fire in the Rampart division near downtown Los Angeles.

The fire was reported about 9:35 a.m. in the 1100 block of S. Westlake Avenue.

Police officers Eddie Rattanapichetkul and Anthony Farias were on patrol when they saw heavy smoke coming from the second floor of a home.

The officers — working together for the first time, no less — stopped to assist family members gathered on the front porch.

They were told that a 89-year-old woman was in the back room on the ground floor.

Edward Lawrence, reporting for CBS2 and KCAL9, says the woman — identified as Victoria Romero — has eighteen children.

The officers made their way through the smoke-filled home and led the woman to safety. She told Lawrence…

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Erin Writes

The holiday season is upon us and I bet you’re doing the American thing–dropping tons of cash on clothes, electronics, and cheap plastic toys…all made in China.


Inevitably this time of year you see list upon list of gift suggestions. Best gifts for men. Best gifts for women. Best gifts for kids, teachers, pets, teacher’s pets, mailmen, hairdressers, baristas, and random strangers on the street. But, I’ve always felt there was a list missing. Have you ever wanted to buy a gift for the child of someone you know? Someone who you really need to seek revenge on in a passive-aggressive way? Well, look no further, Erin is here to help you.

Top 5 Gifts To Buy For the Children of People Who Piss You Off

1.) Musical Instruments

In the true spirit of Christmas, musical instruments are gifts that keep on giving: headache after headache after headache. The…

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Welcome to the World, Ganondorf! [Pic].

NTSB and FAA investigate fatal LifeNet helicopter crash that killed four people.

County Honors Princeton EMT Michael Kenwood (AUDIO) – Princeton, NJ Patch.


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Well. There isn’t really a lot to comment on as of late. I have some ideas bouncing around my head for blogs to write. I am just lazy. There should be one written soon I am hoping. This post is really more of a way for me test blogging from my iPod!

Past due

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Per Anna, it has been sometime since I wrote a blog. Not really sure what to write. I do have a few I have been thinking about writing. About the use of ten-codes (10-4. 10-42. 10-19) and how it annoys the crap out of me. Another on my take of EMS2.0, or even another about geocaching.

For now though, I suppose I shall catch family up on what has been going on.

Anna took, and passed her Certified Nursing Assistant exam and practical’s. She is now certified as a C.N.A. The bad news is though, that she has hurt her knee again. This is the same knee and same injury location as happened a few years ago. Luckily we do have great insurance this time, so we should be able to avoid adding onto our debt. She is working at a prominent nursing home in Geneva at this time. I choose not to put the name of her employee out there for the same reason I don’t with mine. She has a forty-five minute drive to get to work tough. Kind of extreme, so she is looking for work closer to home.

I am loving my job still. I have not joined the nearby volunteer fire department yet though.  Mainly because I want to get my car back on the road so I can respond when the tones drop. I have a constant debate going on in my head over when and how to upgrade my license to allow me to do more. I also need to start working on my Continuing Medical Education credits here real soon.

My car has been off the road for around a month now. It is stuck in reverse. Hopefully I will get it towed this Friday to a local garage to have it fixed. The biggest concern is the cost though, as we do not know exactly what is wrong with it. It could be something simple, or I could need a new transmission, again.

Anna’s car is on its last legs. Or wheels I suppose. It needs an inspection, before that it needs one new tire, and possibly some major work done to the steering. Our plan is to limp it along till the tax returns come, and then use them as a down payment on a new used car for her, or getting it fixed for another year. The biggest conundrum with this is we do not know if some tax money will need to be used to fix my car.